Doc-Trine is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Michigan area and beyond. We specialize in partnering a Physician and/or a Medical Practice with Speritek to provide In House Dispensing platfrom to improve compliance, convenience and care.

Business Consultant


Doc-Trine is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We provide unmatched service and client care.  
If bringing In House Dispensing to your practice interests you let us take the first step towards partnership and complete a formulary analysis for your practice.  A formulary analysis will show you what using SperiTeks innovative healthcare technology platform looks like customized to your unique business.

  • Log into: SperiTek

  • Fill out the forms and attached the required documents:

  • 90 Day Prescription Count SUMMARY Report from EMR or EHR system

  • Payor Mix Report (pulled from EMR or HMR system)

  • DSCI- Dispensing Staff Contact Information Sheet

  • 3-5 meds picked from Commercial Pay and Cash Pay Medication lists.