Doc-Trine provides unmatched sales service with a hands on approach.  Our leading-edge subscription model disrupts the healthcare industry.  A proven healthcare business model that enables patients to receive prescriptions right in office from their trusted physician.  We enable our physician clients to build an In-house dispensing system that puts the control of a patients care back in the hands of the Doctor's who serve them.

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Industry Leadership and Professionalism

Doc-Trine is a marketing and sales company for SperiTek, committed to improving the patient/medical provider relationship with its in-house prescription dispensing platform.  We offer healthcare technology software that results in a revenue source, and evidence based outcomes for our clients to better serve their patients.

Prescription Drugs



Our experienced sales team will walk you through establishing an In House dispensing program that allows patients to leave of the office with their prescription in hand.  Not only will patients enjoy the convenience of receiving the prescription from their trusted physician, the physician will create a new revenue stream for the practice.


Our Sales Team will assist the physician or practice administrator create a new revenue stream while offering patients affordable medications.  Our sales team works locally to sell and assist with the SperiTek process to credential practices to dispense In House.


Responsibility and Accountability are fundamental to the service we offer.  We take pride in providing timely, hands on service, we respect the current need for social distancing and can work remotely and electronically through zoom or any preferred platform.



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